These pages and links showcase Synergy Data Science's philosophy, help business people learn about analytics and data science, and provide synergy between "new school" and "old school" data science.
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Gordy Fairchild, Founder Synergy Data Science          FOUNDER‘S VISION

Dr. Dean G. "Gordy" Fairchild, Ph.D. (BIOGRAPHY)

Data Science for Every Business

We help you identify opportunities that yield increasing returns to size, scale, or scope.

We transform Big Data into benefits for your company… new customers, fresh revenues, growth, stronger profits, customer loyalty, and cost savings from real-time to long-run.

Our Synergistic Method™ of data science melds “new school” artificial intelligence with “old school” statistics and analytics to yield 20% to 500% better solution accuracy.

10% of our time is used to give free analytics to non-profits. R&D efforts center on smaller business data science options to help level the competitive field.

Our disruptive consulting practice, Emergency Response Team (ERT), and R&D product lab help clients make better decisions through our unique lens of synergistic analytics.

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What is a paradigm?

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